Weekly Self-Reflection Sunday Starts Tomorrow

Weekly Self-Reflection Sunday Starts Tomorrow

Dear Friends,

I decided to start a weekly post on this blog about something very dear to my heart and that is the act of constantly improving yourself.  I learned a few years ago how incredibly important it is to do a little self-reflection and I want to share that with you.

Each Sunday, I will post a little something about an aspect of self-reflection that includes a couple writing prompts.  Write on napkins in your car, scrap paper, whatever you have on hand.  However, if you are like me, you are gonna want a fresh notebook or journal and a brand new pen.  I'm a little crazy about stuff like that.

Since I love it, and I knew that you might as well, I created a journal just for this blog.  Get it if you like it.  I am sure I will add more designs over time.  Either way, come enjoy this journey with me.

Thank you and much love,

~Lady Misty

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