New Year, New Love Guided Journals

Are you ready for a New Love this year? Join me on a Journey to Loving Yourself with my new series of guided journals. Start with Month One: The Journey to Loving Yourself and continue through a year of learning how amazing you really are, inside and out. Each month is created to build on the progress made in the previous month and works through several aspects of life including relationships, mindful eating, and intentional movement. 

Each month brings a new aspect of loving yourself in a daily format of a short reading followed by a self-reflection question. There is ample space to express yourself that includes lines as well as blank space.

Month One: The Journey to Loving Yourself (setting goals for the journey ahead)

Month Two: Nurturing Self-Love in Relationships

Month Three: Mindful Nutrition and Self Care

Month Four: Movement for Self-Love and Vitality

Month Five: Cultivating Positive Inner Dialogues

Month Six: Falling in Love with Your Body

Month Seven: Meditation and Self-Reflection

Month Eight: Nurturing Your Inner Child

Month Nine: Cultivating Resilience and Embracing Change

Month Ten: Embracing Self-Discovery (coming soon)

Month Eleven: Exploring Gratitude and Positive Affirmations (coming soon)

Month Twelve: Celebrating Self-Love and Reflection (coming soon)

Don't worry if it isn't January. You can start any time.

Is there a title that grabs your attention? Start there and then keep going.

It might take you longer than a month to complete each one. That's ok, just keep going.

Remember...Progress is far superior to the pursuit of perfection!

There is no better time than today to start loving YOU! Click here to get started!

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