Tomorrow is Lady Misty's Creations One Year Anniversary!!!

Tomorrow is Lady Misty's Creations One Year Anniversary!!!

(There might be something great at the end of this post...)

It is amazing to me that an entire year has gone by already!

This business has gone from printed canvases, to seasonal apparel, to positivity and self-love! I am writing a series of guided journals that help people learn to love themselves one day at a time, and I started a podcast that I hope inspires others and helps them to know that they are not alone. It has been a journey that has brought me to my calling. What a wonderful ride it has been!

I love spreading positivity. I love to see people growing, thriving, and living their very best lives.

What does the future hold for LMC?

After completing the last four journals in the "New Year, New Love" series, I intend to manipulate that base content into various forms for different types of people. After all, not everyone has time to, or likes to, write in a journal. I have ideas...

I am also working on a long-time project that I will eventually tell you about, once I make some serious progress on it.

(It's like "The Monster at the End of This Book" know, that Sesame Street book from when we were small)

I intend to keep going with the podcast and I would LOVE to have some guests on the show. I find it much easier to do the show when I have someone to chat with. It is weird to pretend to talk to you, Dear Reader, in my kitchen. I also want to create some great content as I get better at it. Once again, I have ideas...

I am going to keep going with the Limited Edition Designs to see where that goes. It gives me a bit of a creative outlet outside of the positivity designs that I am creating. I also LOVE offering my VIP's (email subscribers) great Sneak Peek Discounts as well. The VIP's are also going to get the opportunity to preview and order any new merch I create from here on out. If it doesn't get their approval, it doesn't go to the website. should be a VIP if you aren't already.

(You're almost there now...)

Those are my short term goals.

Longer goals look like this:

My Own Coffee and Tea Company

I want to do something with cocktails, accessories, mixers, and recipe books

I would love to get involved with something that has to do with extreme beginner fitness (as in, you've never picked up a dumbell or walked a step more than necessary, extreme beginner)

I have goals even further out from here. There is no limit!

I hope that you stay along for the ride.

(Here It Comes...!)

Thank you for all the love and support, as well as patience, as I got my ideas together. YOU Mean the World to Me!

Much Love,

~Lady Misty

PS...There is going to be a big sale on the website! All tees are discounted to $20 and all other merch will be discounted as much as $8 off the regular pricing. This sale is going on April 20th and 21st only and will include the Limited Edition design. It's my way of saying thank you! 

PS...S...I created a new tee design just for the occasion and I am offering it in bold summer colors. Grab yours while it is still only $20. Regular price will be $25 after the sale.


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