Self-Reflection Sunday 12-31-23

Self-Reflection Sunday 12-31-23

Transition into a New Year

As we stand at the threshold between the closing year and the dawn of a new one, this Sunday serves as a transition—a bridge connecting the reflections of the past with the aspirations for the future. Last week, we set intentions for the upcoming year, sculpting our desires and visions with purpose. Today, we take a moment to linger on the cusp of change, acknowledging the transformative journey we've undertaken and the blank canvas that awaits. This interlude invites contemplation, a pause to appreciate the stepping stones that brought us here and the excitement of the uncharted path that lies ahead.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. A Year in Review: What are the highlights, challenges, and unexpected joys you experienced in the past year?
  2. Gratitude for the Journey: Reflect on the aspects of the journey you're grateful for. How have they contributed to your growth?
  3. Lessons Carried Forward: Consider the lessons learned from the closing year. How will these lessons shape your approach to the future?
  4. Hopes for the New Year: What are your initial hopes, dreams, or intentions for the year ahead?
  5. A Message to Your Future Self: If you could send a message to your future self at the end of 2024, what would you say?

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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