Self-Reflection Sunday 1-21-24

Self-Reflection Sunday 1-21-24

Change and Resilience

As January progresses, we turn our attention to the theme of "Change and Resilience." Resilience is the force that allows us not just to weather the storms of change but to emerge stronger on the other side. Join me in reflecting on the resilience that change demands and how cultivating resilience can empower us in the face of life's transitions.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. The Dance of Change and Resilience: How does resilience play a role in your ability to navigate change?
  2. Challenges as Opportunities: Reflect on a significant challenge you've faced. How did you grow from it, and what strengths did it reveal?
  3. Building Emotional Resilience: Consider ways to enhance your emotional resilience in the face of change. What practices or habits can support this?
  4. Learning from Setbacks: In moments of setback or failure, what lessons have you learned that contributed to your resilience?
  5. Resilience Toolbox: What are some tools or strategies you can add to your resilience toolbox to better cope with change?

We know that we need to bounce back when we are recovering from an illness. It is equally important for us to be resilient and bounce back from challenges and change. That resilience can equal brilliant growth and fabulous opportunities! 

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