Reducing Cortisol and Stress Naturally

Reducing Cortisol and Stress Naturally

We all have stress. I would almost venture to say that it is part of our culture to be stressed out almost all the time.

Today, I did a podcast about stress and I wanted to share the notes with you. If you are interested in the notes, by all means have a listen to the podcast. Click "The Inspirationalist" at the top of the page to get the links. This one is episode 122.

And now...the notes:

Reducing Stress Naturally

1. Get more physical movement
-do what feels good to your body
-remember that strenuous exercise for long periods of time can spike cortisol
2. Eat whole foods
-our bodies feel stress even if we aren't perceiving it.
-bad nutrition can stress out the body because it is looking for nutrition that it can't find
-eating a variety of whole foods can help the body get the nutrition it needs and help it to remain calm
3. Reduce screen time
-this is another instance where the body feels stress that you might not perceive
-that text, news article, or level of Candy Crush may freak out your body and start a fight or flight response that you may think is trivial
-reducing this time is crucial, particularly at bedtime to give the body a chance to really relax into sleep
4. Self Care Routine
-getting into a self care routine can really help the body feel soothed and loved
-taking a bath
-reading a book for leisure
-getting a massage
-deep breathing
-the list is endless
5. Journaling
-journaling and self-reflection are great tools to help you understand why you might be getting stressed out over a situation or in general
6. Reduce caffeine intake
-caffeine really is like starter fluid for your body
-it ramps you up and creates stress
-if you are going to drink caffeinated beverages, stop around noon to give your body a chance to process it before bed
-try reducing your intake in small increments
7. Create and uphold healthy boundaries
-learning to say no and sticking to it is important to reduce your stress and workload
-if you really don't want to go to that event or spend time with that person, don't
-if you really can't handle another project on your plate, say no
8. Try to reduce procrastination
-putting things off to the last minute could help some people, but if it stresses you out to the point of being frazzled, it isn't good for your stress level
9. Snuggle
-physical touch is really good for helping to reduce stress levels
-sleeping next to the person that you love helps you ease into sleep easier, faster, and reduces stress levels in the body
-hugs also really help to reduce stress levels
-so does petting your dog or cat
10. Spend some quality time outside
-fresh air, sunshine, and Vitamin D are amazingly beneficial to your levels of stress
-take a walk outside at least once a day
-consider wearing a light sunscreen
I'm going to close out with the last stress reduction tip and that is to practice gratitude. In our culture, our bodies are more stressed out than we even know. It is a wonderful thing to take a minute and really try to slow down, relax, and focus on the positive things that we are surrounded with.
Wrap it up with your sign off! :)

Much Love,

Lady Misty

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