Progress Is Progress

Progress Is Progress

This is a photo of my husband as he breaks up the cement steps and pad on the side of our porch.

He decided that he wanted to widen the driveway beside our house, and these are in the way.

My son came over to help and they are taking turns with the hand-held jack hammer. I am sure that this tool has a much more technical name, but I am a writer of self-love journals, not construction manuals. I'm going to stay in my lane today.

This process is taking forever. It requires patience and small bites with the jack hammer to remove the concrete that has been there longer than we have owned the house.

Small increments.

Little bits at a time.


This is what self-reflection looks like. Little bits of change at a time.

We start to recognize a pattern of behavior within ourselves and with self-reflection we are able to search ourselves to find the root cause of the behavior.

Once we see that root cause, we can decide if the belief or experience that shaped the behavior serves us anymore.

If it doesn't, it is time to remove it, just like removing the structural rebar that is lending this concrete strength.

Self-Reflection is an act of Self-Love. It is giving yourself the opportunity to make your life better, a little bit at a time.

Getting rid of old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you makes room for growth and change.

Not unlike the wider driveway making it easier for me to turn my SUV around in the morning when I leave for my 9-5.

Every area of your life could use a little self-reflection. That is one of the reasons that there are so many journals in my "New Year, New Love" series.

Each one helps with a different facet of life. 

I originally wanted them to all be done in order, and they are written that way. However, as I have made progress in writing them...

One bite at a time (or one journal at a time)

I have learned that not everyone needs every journal.

What do you need today?

What area of your life could do with a little self-reflection?

Having trouble setting goals and achieving them? Start out with Month One

Do you struggle with setting and maintaining personal boundaries or living your life with authenticity? Month Two is for you

What about your nutrition level? Do you eat for nourishment? Try Month Three

What is your attitude about exercise? Do you feel it is punishment for what you ate? Try Month Four

Are you constantly at war with yourself, between your ears? Does your inner voice always have something negative to say about you and the world around you? Month Five can help

Do you always have something negative to say or think about your body? Try Month Six

If your life is constant chaos and stress, you may benefit from mindfulness meditation. Help can be found in Month Seven

Do you find that your life is no longer fun? Are you missing out on the joy you used to have as a kid? Try Month Eight

I'm still writing.

There is more to come.

Four more, to be exact.

Just like this cement that my husband has been wanting to remove for over a year, you won't have any progress if you don't start. The progress might be slow, but...

Progress Is Progress

Start your self-love and self-reflection journey today!

Much Love,

~Lady Misty

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