A Perspective on Perspective

A Perspective on Perspective

Yup! That's me, in my "office" yesterday...

My husband snapped that picture of me while he was taking a break from jack-hammering.

What was I doing?

I was writing about him jack-hammering. 

What is this post about?


I was inspired by what he was doing. I wrote about it. I let you know what was going on in my world and how it related to the journals I write.

It was my view of the world.

This photo...

This is his view of the world.

He loves this person.

While he was taking a break from doing the hard work that he was doing, he saw me and thought, I need to keep this view.

So he did.

My perspective on this photo...

Not flattering.

But at the same time, I have gotten to a point in my life that I can appreciate what it is that he sees when he looks at me.

I Am a beautiful woman.

I Am a strong woman.

I Am a woman with a strong work ethic.

I Am a woman who never gives up.

I Am a woman that loves hard.

I Am a resilient woman.

(I LOVE I Am Statements!!! I have room for them in every guided journal)

I am sure that there are a few other qualities that he might throw in there.

I can honestly say that I wasn't always able to see any of those qualities.

I can also say that I would have been the one to point out my greying hair, the size of my legs, my choice in footwear on such a cold day, how "fluffy" I look, the expression on my face, etc.

Learning to love myself has changed me for the better.

Learning to try my best to take the most positive route possible has also helped me to be a better person.

He saw me. I saw what he saw.

Same photo.

Different perspectives.

Can you say that you love yourself and mean it?

It is a process that takes time.

It took me a full year to get a baseline down. I am still learning, and I am three and a half years out from that year.

Never stop learning.

Never stop growing.

Never stop loving yourself.

If you don't, start today. Make the commitment to yourself that you are worth it.


You Are Beautiful

You Are Amazing

You Are Worthy


I Believe In You!

Much Love,

Lady Misty


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