Self-Reflection Sunday 12-24-23

Self-Reflection Sunday 12-24-23

Setting Intentions for the Future

As we approach the finale of my Reflecting on the Year series, let's set sail towards the horizon of possibilities that the new year holds. This chapter invites you to cast your gaze towards the future, to envision the person you aspire to become and the life you wish to craft. Setting intentions is a mindful act, a deliberate choice to sculpt the coming days with purpose and clarity. Join me in this contemplative journey as we explore the realms of personal growth, balanced priorities, and the guiding light of a personal mantra—laying the foundation for a new year filled with promise, intentionality, and self-love.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Vision for the Future: Envision the person you want to become in the coming year. What qualities or characteristics do you aspire to embody?
  2. Areas for Growth: Identify areas of your life where you want to grow and evolve. How can you nurture these aspects of yourself?
  3. Balancing Priorities: Reflect on your priorities. Are there areas of your life that need more attention or balance?
  4. Learnings Applied: How can the lessons learned from the past year inform your decisions and actions in the future?
  5. Personal Mantra: Create a personal mantra or affirmation for the upcoming year. How can this mantra guide you in times of challenge or uncertainty?

What will your 2024 look like? I hope it is the most amazing, loving, and productive year you have ever had!

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