I'm So Excited!

I'm So Excited!

Tomorrow is Release Day for Month Four of my journal series.

This month's focus is all about mindful movement for self-love and vitality.

Movement isn't just about muscle building and fat loss.

Spend a month with me exploring the world of mindful movement. The goal here isn't about creating another chore for you but to celebrate what your body can do...even if you've never exercised before. Learn how mindful movement can help to support your physical and mental health, as well as keeping you mobile for the long haul.

Are you new to the Self-Love Journey? Generally, I ask that people start with Month One, but...

If the mindful movement topic is grabbing you, start here. The most important thing is that you start! Learning to love yourself can change your life.

This journal will be available tomorrow on Amazon.com and Months One through Three are already there.

Thank you for your continued love and support!

Much Love,

~Lady Misty

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